School Bus Aide Attacks Child, Rips MAGA Hat Off His Head In Rage

The mainstream media is correct, there has been an increase in hate crimes in the era of President Donald Trump.

But what the media does not tell anyone is that the hate crimes tend to be against those who support the president.

It happened again in an abhorrent way when an adult, charged with the protection of children, attacked a student for wearing a MAGA hat.

It was Tuesday when 14-year-old Gunnar Johansson boarded his school bus wearing President Trump’s trademark Make America Great Again hat.

He told WPTV that he was allowed to wear a hat, as were other students who raised funds for the March of Dimes.

He told WPTV that he wore the hat “to show my pride in Trump America,” but what he fund was the hate that exists among some.

The bus driver aide who was on the trip to school with the students did not like Johansson’s choice of hat.

Are Democrats more aggressive than conservatives?

“Boy, if you don’t take that hat off this bus… take it off. Take that hat off… take that hat off…” the aide told him.

“I was really confused, I was like ‘I can’t wear this?’” Johansson told WPTV of the incident that was caught on video.

The bus aide is heard telling the teenager to put his hat in his backpack, and continuing to tell him to take it off.

“She, like, threatened me with a referral and threatened to turn the bus around. I said ‘write me up, I didn’t do anything wrong’, and then she yanked my hat off. It was crazy,” Johansson said.

He continued the bus ride without wearing his hat, though other students wearing hats were allowed to keep wearing them.

Johansson’s mother, Jackie Putt, said her other son and other students on the bus started texting their parents and Putt.

“I immediately went to the school,” Putt said. “I needed to know what my son just went through and what she did to my son.” Putt feels the bus aide’s actions were politically motivated.

She said she decided to file a police report after learning she would not be able to see the video of her son until the investigation by the school district is closed.

“The district is aware of the family’s allegations. We’re taking it very seriously. We’re in the process of gathering all the facts right now,” said Frank Frangella, Director of Safety and Security for the Martin County School District.

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